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The New Standard in Chapter Websites

The Challenge

How does one stay on top the changing technology without having a huge technology budget and staff.  New browsers, Mobile Responsiveness, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media could require a staff just to run a simple website.

The Solution

.BUILD partnered with the AGC to study the various needs of chapters and their members.  The result is a simple and intuitive template that handles the main functionality that every chapter needs while maintaining their individual requirements for content and user experience. Learn More.

Complete Chapter Identity

We Looked at Everything Your Chapter Needs

The Statistics


Sites Mobile Responsive


Chapters Needing Updating

Conversion Days

Your Online Chapter Solution Right Out of the Box

100% Mobile Responsive

Your chapter site should look as good on a mobile device (The Field) as it does on a desktop (The Office)

Built From Chapter Best Practices

We’ve made it easy for you to update your website overnight into one that’s fresh, relevant and employs industry best practices allowing you to prove your leadership to your members.

Extensive Chapter Website Study

We studied every AGC Chapter Website in order to discover what worked and what could be improved.



Amazing Results Without the Pain of Conversion

Usually Converting a website takes months of development and contingency planning.  Inevitably it still seems to take longer and cost more than anyone predicted. We’ve taken the pain and uncertainty out of that process so you can focus on what really maters to you.

Featured AGC Sites

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Wyoming Contractors Association

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Northern Illinois Building Contractors Association

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